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Getting Back To It – Ratchet Deadlocked

Image captured by Hatmonster

This year I resolved to finally dig into those games that I’ve been meaning to revisit over the years. The goal is simple: successfully complete one game on the list a month. Will they all be just as enjoyable as they always were, or will the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia get knocked-off in the process? Well, it’s that question which inspired this venture, so I’m looking forward to finding out!

To kick off this challenge of mine, I decided that for the month of January I would revisit Ratchet: Deadlocked. It’s a game that I remembered enjoying, but also one that’s mysteriously mostly absent from the steel trap that is my memory (usually no game can escape it!). Oddly enough, it seems like I’m not the only Ratchet fan that tends to forget that this game exists. Is it really that terrible an entry in the series? Well, I’m happy to report that I achieved success this month by not only completing the game, but I believe I’ve also got an answer for that question!

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Footnotes: Super BattleShip

Image By Flickr User: Andrew Malone (cc)

It’s difficult trying to imagine the sheer amount of games that are available to play nowadays. For every major release gamers will be queuing up for this this year there are likely hundreds of smaller games made in the hopes of nothing more than becoming at least a small blip in the industry consciousness. And for every large rehash of ideas we’ve seen before, there’s something new and fresh just waiting to be discovered. There’s just too much to play out there to notice everything, and that really is a tragedy. Continue reading Footnotes: Super BattleShip