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Sentient Ostrich Weapons and Cyber Dragons: Celebrating Pranks

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Considering my schedule these days, it’s hard to know if I’m coming or going. My good friends over at United We Game held a celebration of sorts this month, looking at some of the best April Fools pranks, tricks, and hoaxes. I could have sworn that I missed all the fun but as it turns out, I made the cut in the nick of time. Better late than never though, right?

While I’m not a person to obsessively pour over a game trying to unlock every secret or delving into the smallest of places on a map to potentially discover an easter egg, there are a number of tricks and fun pranks I’m pretty fond of. For more, (Shameless site plug) check out my April Fools recap posts here.

Here’s my short list:

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A Blissful Pursuit: My Relationship Fighting Games

Image by Flickr user Indusfr
Image by Flickr user Indusfr (CC)

This week saw the release of Mortal Kombat X, the latest title in that ubiquitous fighting saga that, if nothing else, well popularized the phrase “Get over here!” But this week also marks another Mortal Kombat milestone: the 20th anniversary of the release of Mortal Kombat 3 (MK3). On April 151995, Midway Games released what was then the most highly polished game in this budding series. As is key with fighting game series, MK3 featured a much larger roster of fighters than previous games, and the graphics were pretty darn great, again compared to previous games. It was through MK3 that I became familiar with my all-time favorite fighter, Sindel. It was through MK3 that I actually completed my first fatality. (Having never properly learned any in Mortal Kombat or Mortal Kombat II.) It was through MK3 that I learned about how subtle a fighting game could be, as I had become quite used to mashing my way through a number of Street Fighter games. And it was probably through MK3 that I finally became a fan of the series. But…

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Today in Gaming History: 10/30/2013


October 1993: Mortal Kombat storms the arcade and has people up in arms
Much like the movies Gremlins and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had made people question the appropriateness of general entertainment for the masses a decade earlier, Mortal Kombat was one of several games released in the early 1990s that paved the way for the creation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).  This incredibly popular fighting game that became known for it’s “fatalities” above all else, was the brainchild of Ed Boon and John Tobias of Midway. Tasked with creating a simple fighting game, Boon and Tobias introduced MK’s stylized look and trademark digital 3D characters — a far cry from the cartoony 2D characters seen in the many fighting games of the time, such as those in the Street Fighter series. But it was the “violence” and “blood” of the game that had everyone talking. Hearings were held at the federal level on violence and video games, and one of the results of those hearings was the formation of the ESRB. Mortal Kombat was one of the first video game to receive an mature (M) rating.

Despite this initial controversy, Mortal Kombat has grown into one of entertainment’s most successful franchises. The original games has spawned dozens of sequels and related games over the past 20 years. So fighting game fans, what’ll it be? Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter? Go head to head in the comments!