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The Inspiration of Fear

Happy belated first post of Simul-tober everyone! Apologies for the delay but not everything is avoidable unfortunately :) ! We’d like to extend our thanks to Cynenway of A Life With Cyn, (an excellent blog that deals all kinds of little slices of life, games included!) for being the first to trade posts with us for this short series! If you enjoy it, be sure to check out their blog and show your support! And now without further ado: Inspiration of Fear by Cynenway!


As with any genre, horror has both its successes, and its failures. There are many different key ingredients they use to inspire fear. You have the atmosphere, the enemies, and your character’s skills (which can be quite terrifying on their own). Not only do they need those aspects, they need the right kind of fear.
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Contributor Recap: 9/30 – 10/4


Happy Friday everyone! Today we have for you a selection of excellent posts from some of the UWG Contributors! These are either recent posts or posts that we all thought really should be shared. Enjoy!
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