Contributor Recap: 9/30 – 10/4


Happy Friday everyone! Today we have for you a selection of excellent posts from some of the UWG Contributors! These are either recent posts or posts that we all thought really should be shared. Enjoy!


From Cheese Toastie and video games we have “Remember Me Review: The Game that Almost Made It

With this post, the reviewer explores what “Remember Me” is and what it could have been. Is good? Is it worth playing? Find out!


From GIMMGP, we have “The Horror in Brevity“. In it, Chip examines what it is that truly makes games and other media truly scary, as well as introducing a game that succeeds at inspiring true horror where so many modern so-called “horror” games fail. What game is it? Check out the post and see for yourself…if you dare!


Next we have a post from A Life With Cyn entitled “Swoon Reads“, which talks about the development of their latest story and gives interested viewers a chance to read as well. What’s it all about? You know what to do to find out!


From Plus 10 Damage we have post that, while not recent, is most definitely worth taking some time to consider. Entitled “What IS a Review” it sets out to answer that very question. What’s a review? Follow the link above to learn their thoughts on the matter!


That’s all for this week, but we’ll have more from these wonderful sites and possibly others for your viewing pleasure next Friday!

Until then, Play! Share! Unite!

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