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YouTube Highlights: January 2017

It’s been 2017 for a few weeks now, and it seems that things are off to a great start in the gaming world. With news of the Nintendo Switch hitting everyone like a giant, colorful meteor ridden by Link and Mario, this year is already in the record books. Undoubtedly, we certainly plan to make it a good year and will keep going here with gaming news, writings, and videos. Yes, videos! Our YouTube channel continues to shine thanks to all of you, you wonderful watchers and commenters! And with that, it’s time for our monthly tour of the videos that lit up our channel in January!

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Let Them Play

Image by Flickr User: Tom Newby Photography (cc)

The major controversy may have faded, but we never really saw a resolution to the root cause to all of the Youtube troubles that cropped up last year due to some new content policies and overly-zealous video-claiming. As far as I know, Fair Use law didn’t get its much-needed update and so Let’s Play videos, while still a wildly popular format, still remain in a very uncomfortable gray zone. It’s really a shame. I’m convinced that if the format were to get the legal protection that it needs, then everyone involved would benefit! Continue reading Let Them Play