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The Drive to Revisit the Past at the Expense of the Future

Image by Flickr user deeplifequotes
Image by Flickr user deeplifequotes

But when I read about Fable Anniversary now, as strong as the drive it to play it, the drive to give it a pass is just as strong. I have very similar feelings about playing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for the Wii U. I bought (and traded in) the original Wind Waker for the Gamecube. It was so very brilliant in the moment, just like Fable. Both games represent my gaming past in a very tangible way, and I’m not sure that playing the revamped versions of either will set forth such solidifying memories. I fear that either would be very fun wastes of time. And as I’ve said before, I really don’t have much gaming time to waste these days.

We all face at least a few tough choices when we go to pick the games to play. Between current releases and backlogs, it’s not like we’re suddenly not going to have anything to play, but in that questioning moment of “what should I play now?,” there’s little doubt in my mind that, well, a good bit of doubt comes into play. The problem is, those re-releases of past titles, they are our warm blankets on cold days. They bring us comfort, especially when they are accompanied by a crop of pleasant memories. They are easy to pick up and put down because they are so familiar. And why is that a problem? Because gaming is and should be all about progression! What’s next and where can I get it?! Right?


My single biggest gaming profession is “Just play. Play what makes you happy.” And maybe I should just shut up and take my own advice. Alas, how I wish it was that simple! For every Fable Anniversary, there are at least two or three new games (either really new or new to me) that I think I should play instead. It’s like going to your closet and thinking “I’m going to wear a new pair of shoes today” when you know you’re just going to put on your favorite pair of old boots, again. Eventually those boots will wear out and then where will you be? Sad and without comfortable footwear, which is the worst kind of sad.

So yes, I have a backlog with all sorts of older, interesting gaming opportunities; and yes, I have a small stock of truly new games that I really want to sink my teeth into (see my Listmas list here); and for some reason I want to throw it all onto the backburner (again) in order to spend time in Albion or cruising the high seas with Link? It’s just not making sense to me at the moment. Can you help me understand? Time is of the essence, people, and I simply don’t have enough of it! Curses!

Oh and then, just yesterday, my husband asked me what I wanted for Valentines Day. Y’know what I said without a moment’s hesitation?

Fable Anniversary!

Le sigh.

Going to the Backlog

Image by Flicker user paige_eliz

Even though I don’t have tons of time to game, I like to keep at least two games in regular rotation at all times. That way, when I have only an hour to play, I don’t spend thirty minutes of it deciding on the game. I also prefer to only play one game per system to prevent overuse/overheating. Right now the 360 is on lockdown with Dragon Age 2, which means that the other game I choose has to be on another system. Since I don’t feel like spending money on games right now (despite all the goodness of offer, I know, I know), I guess it’s time to head to the backlog…

Oh, the backlog. That notorious shelf (or shelves or rooms or data storage devices) containing a selection of games that one intends to play. These games were purchased new or on sale, stolen borrowed from friends, retrieved from yard sales, or rescued for other terrible fates. We hold onto these games because we want to play them but just don’t have the appropriate time. We’re too busy with life and/or the latest games. Or we’ve moved onto other systems entirely. Or we’re collectors. However you want to look at it, most gamers have backlogs of various sizes. I know mine is pretty small compared to some, and it consists of games I’ve never played or started but never finished:

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