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Battlefield Hardline Impressions – Worth An Investigation

Images from EA’s Battlefield: Hardline promotional site

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Battlefield Hardline feels like an impostor.

Now, hold on a minute here. Before you grab the pitchforks, let me explain.

When I think about the franchise ‘Battlefield’ and what it represents to me, I immediately think of massive maps, huge vehicles storming the playing field, and utilizing destruction to help me better get at my enemies. Hardline, oddly enough, has none of that. It’s maps are smaller in size, vehicles are reduced to more civilian types like cars, dirtbikes, and vans, and from what I’ve experienced, the destruction element that the series is known for is massively reduced. Sure you can break fences, but punching holes in the side of a building with a grenade launcher is just about a no-no with this one.

battlefield-hardline logo

So why is this a Battlefield game if it’s missing some of the core elements that make other Battlefield games what they are? We can certainly speculate that EA tagged the game in order to help it sell and get noticed by first person shooter fans rather than try to market a completely new IP. That just makes sense.

While much of this may seem like a negative, surprisingly it’s not.
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