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Day 10: Best Gameplay

Whenever I am low on ideas, it is always easy to fall back on my trusty 30-day video game topics.  While it was meant to take place over the course of 30 days, I have completely broken the rules and don’t even care.  I’m a rebel like that.  I don’t even heed the expiration date on ketchup.  I’m that bad.  I swear it tastes fine after a year.  It really does.  Tomatoes are good for you.  Anyway, today’s topic was the one that was supposed to be meant for day ten, the game with the best gameplay.  A lot of people will likely disagree with me on this one, and maybe “best” is not quite the correct word to use here.  The game I will really be writing about is actually the game that has the most fun controls.  Like most people, I am not typically a fan of the motion controls of the Wii.  Nevertheless, I still have to make an exception because I absolutely loved the controls of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, a game which I believed used the Wiimote in the most effective way I had ever seen.

At this point, this game appears to be the only one I will ever own that requires the Wii Motion Plus controller, and while I would normally be upset at having to buy another controller to play a game, this is one case where I was quite happy to oblige.  This controller is indeed far more accurate than the original Wiimote, it works fine with all regular Wii games, and mine was quite pretty because I got the limited edition one that came with the game.  The gold one with the Triforce.  It’s pretty cool.

Anyway, pretty controller aside, I just loved how it really made me feel like a part of the game.  In Skyward Sword, Link’s sword is controlled by this fancy new remote, and I was immediately amazed at how accurately he followed your movements.  You could literally move your arm in almost any direction, and Link would do the same.  That meant that you had full control of Link’s sword and could slash in pretty much any direction you chose.  Horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally or straight up into the air for an epic skyward strike.  (When the controller was being cooperative, at least.)  Plus a good, old fashioned lunge, if you so wish.  The game, in fact, required that you perform such movements, meaning you couldn’t always just hack away at things like some crazy maniac.  This was useful in various puzzles and in battles against certain enemies and bosses, as well.  Some Deku Babas required you to slash through them horizontally, others vertically.  And slicing through Koloktos’ legs with a well-aimed horizontal slash was pretty awesome.  (Wielding an enormous sword during that battle was pretty cool, too, of course.)

Yeah, many people did have problems with these controls.  The Wiimote was also required to control such things as the Beetle, and it would often get off-centered, causing all kinds of problems, such as being forced to aim at the wall to your left just to go straight.  Such issues could create a lot of frustration while playing the game, but I had so much fun controlling Link’s sword that none of that really bothered me too much in the end.  (Except when the skyward strike wouldn’t work when fighting Tentalus.  Plus, Tentalus just bothered me in general.)  I am quite happy to be rid of the Wiimote now that the Wii U has been released, but I must admit that I will always be rather disappointed to know that we will likely never get another game with the controls of Skyward Sword.  Never before had I felt so in control of the Master Sword.  Never before had I felt so much like the legendary hero himself.  I suppose, in the end, that’s what makes Skyward Sword so special and guarantees that it will always retain a special place in my heart.

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