Image from Flickr User: Lucas Matheus

Overlooked: The Secret Krem Koin of DKC2

Image from Flickr User: Lucas Matheus
Image from Flickr User: Lucas Matheus

You may have read a post I wrote about how I can be a naughty cheater sometimes. You may not have. Here’s a recap: I sometimes cheat at video games. Well, I once took my cheating to a whole new level in “Donkey Kong Country 2” many years ago, back when I was really cruddy at it (I mean, kruddy). For anyone who’s played this awesome game, you will know that there are these secret levels in the Lost World that can only be accessed by collecting Krem Koins and giving them to the buff and beefy (or beef and buffy, if you prefer) Klubba. Well, obtaining Krem Koins meant locating and completing all the mini games, which was just not an easy task. I mean, I might even go so far as to say it was downright difficult.

But, I wanted ever so badly to see every level in the Lost World and fight the secret boss. So, instead of actually putting effort into the game and doing it the correct way, I found out about this cheat that will allow you to get a coin (excuse me, koin) that is worth all 75 Krem Koins. In order to get this item, you must follow a sequence of movements at the start of a new save file. On the very first level, I found that you need to run back and forth, entering K. Rool’s cabin (the one with the note about him kidnapping Donkey) several times, while avoiding touching certain bananas and the like, and when you return to the cabin, the, ahem, koin will be there.

I wasn’t entirely certain this cheat would work when I first heard about it, but after a few tries, I was successful, and I got that special coin, and it was in this way that I beat the Lost World for the first time. And yet, while I am a dastardly cheater, I also am not satisfied with things I haven’t accomplished myself. And so, every time I played the game since, I have managed to collect all 75 Krem Koins and beat the Lost World the correct way, but I still think it’s pretty cool Rareware was kind enough to include a simpler way of getting to the secret levels, probably for dorks like me.

I guess they probably figured no one would ever be able to complete Animal Antics, cheating or no….

And if you want to see it, here’s a video.

Video from Youtube User: fgh8ud

I Think I Even Got All the Duck Coins Once…That’s What the DK Coins Stood for, Right?

4 thoughts on “Overlooked: The Secret Krem Koin of DKC2”

  1. I remember finding out about this cheat about 3 years ago. Up until that point I had never completed the Lost World and was excited to finally get my chance at it. Sure enough it worked, my mind was blown, and like you I resolved to get all the Krem Koins for real and beat it legitimately. I wound using an old Nintendo Power guide I had in order to actually find them all, but I did it! Woo!

    Come to think of it, Old cheat code tended to do that to me. I remember adjusting my PS2 clock in order to get into the Insomniac Museum in Ratchet and Clank 2, only to resolve to earn it legitimately once I’d glimpsed all the goodies found therein.

    Good ol’ real cheat codes…those were the days…

    1. I likely used a guide off the internet to get the coins the non-cheating way, so I suppose I never really got them on my own for real, but hey, good enough. And I, too, changed the clock to get to the Insomniac Museum, and I would also like to get there the correct way one of these days. I need to find a day where I can get up at 3 am. That would be pretty fun.

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