Spooky-Silly Poetry Contest: Week 3!

Image captured by Hatmonster

Our little contest is now firmly underway with three weeks to its name thus far! Just two more to go and then it will finally be time for us all to cast our votes and decide who shall be crowned the Spooky Champion of Silly Poetry! This week’s entry comes from Chip of Games I Made My Girlfriend Play and is titled: Vendetta . But first, a little intro from the poet themselves:


Channeling the poet’s soul I once briefly possessed in high school, I have scribbled out a little tribute to one of my favorite games, Zombie Revenge.  This silly brawler spin-off from House of the Dead seemed like the perfect subject matter for a Spooky-Silly Poem.  I was especially inspired by the fantastic (read: utterly laughable) voice-over work from this Dreamcast cult classic.  



“It’s good of you to make it here. Seems like you are more than those helpless humans. But be careful, the game has just begun.”

So it begins. We are nothing more than playthings to this madman. Zed has taken my parents’ dream for peace and twisted it into a nightmare.

“Are we still following this guy?”

Poor rookie, she has no idea what’s ahead of us. I saw the work you did, Father. I know how easily your soldiers warped into these abominations.

“He’s the one making the zombies. To catch him, we have to follow!”

We make our way through the city, I rely on my handgun to dispatch the horrors. They soak up our shots like sponges. Not to worry,


ammo never runs low here.

Busujima punches through our enemies, fists spinning with fury. Undead claw at his skin, he fights through the pain. After all,


there is still hope in this rotten city. Our mysterious teammate turns from slaughter, sunglasses masking his emotions,

“You’re not afraid of dying, are you?”

His question is a grim reminder of the risks before us. I hear a voice in my head, casting doubt on my abilities. The anxiety sounds out,


Waves of undead keep spilling forth. How will we ever survive?


Hope is beginning to fade, darkness is rising around us, all seems lost.


Just as we are overwhelmed, I discover our saving grace.


I crank the engine and watch my anger flow through this weapon. The malicious bit spirals, zombies are reduced to nothing. Behind his army of the dead, the madman waits.

“So you made it here alive? Well done, for a human! Hehehe!”

The coward turns to run, another towering creature blocks our progress. But I will stop Zed. Nothing will stand in my way. I will make things right, Mother.

I will have my revenge.


A little context, enjoy!

Video credit goes to Youtube user: goodcowgames

If you enjoyed this poem and would like to see more of the author’s work, just head on over to Games I Made My Girlfriend Play! You won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer!

Two more weeks of Spooky Silliness left! We’re really going to hate to see it go, it’s been a blast so far thanks all those most excellent poets who’ve submitted so far!

If you’ve got an idea for a poem please don’t be afraid to send it to, the more the merrier!

That said, what did you think of this latest entry? Has anyone out there had the grim pleasure of playing this game before?

4 thoughts on “Spooky-Silly Poetry Contest: Week 3!”

  1. Reblogged this on Games I Made My Girlfriend Play and commented:

    The wild rumpus of October continues! The fantastic folks at United We Game have been running a Spooky Silly Poetry contest, featuring all sorts of eerie prose inspired by horror games. There’s writing on Doom, Slender: The Arrival, Vampire The Masquerade, and even this piece I wrote about Zombie Revenge and its glorious voice-overs. So be sure to hop over to United We Game and check out all of the wonderfully wicked wordsmithing!

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