The Fullbright Company - [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

No Turning Back Now

The Fullbright Company - [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
The Fullbright Company – [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Gone Home isn’t exactly a BOO! SCARY game, but for me it was unsettling enough to unlock a host of personal unpleasantries. Sometime the worst fears are the ones were harbor rather than the ones we face. With that in mind, here’s my third addition to UWG’s spooky silly celebration (we’re collecting contest entries through 10/31!) about Gone Home‘s first moments.

What is a home without its inhabitants?
A building, a structure, a thing to admire.

I am home, but I am alone.
Maybe I am not, in fact, “home.”

It’s raining, thunder rumbles.
This place feels foreign.

I am a foreigner or I might as well be,
having been away from home for so long.

This place with locks and no lights terrifies me.
The fear of entering the known(?) is overwhelming.

But it is my house. My home.
The dread is nothing more than ghosts.

Ghosts of what I knew.
Ghosts of what I don’t know now.
Ghosts of what is to be discovered.
Ghosts of what will become of discovery.

As the wind whips and the rain pours, I have to get inside.
My house. My home. I’ve come home, family!

No one signals my presence.
Peering in a window reveals that I am truly alone.

No family watching.
No family waiting.
No family.

Where is my family?
I stumble around to find the hidden key.

I peer inside again and rattle a window hoping for some attention.
None comes.

I find the key and pause.
Do I really want to go inside?

Do I want to know where my family is?
Do I want to know about this house, this home now?
DO I want to find light in the darkness?

YES! I must. Must I?

For I’ve gone home.
A home that is mine but is not.
A home that welcomes me but does not.
A home that I love but that scares me. Scars me?

Don’t look back now; it’s too late.
Open the door and face the ghosts.

5 thoughts on “No Turning Back Now”

  1. This makes me want to check out the game! Way to put us in the character’s head!

    I really like what you did with the ‘ghosts’ and ‘no family’ sections. They just kind of diminished into nothing…as though someone was analyzing what their situation was and was slowly resigning themselves to their fate. It was…chilling. :)

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