UWG Community Re-Cap: 10/18/2013


Happy Friday everyone! As another week has reached it’s conclusion, it is time once again to direct your attention to some of our fellow bloggers. As always, they’ve been hard at work producing some excellent reading. So without further ado, here’s what they’ve been up to this week!


You Believe Me, Don’t You?

Chip of Games I Made My Girlfriend play graciously agreed to participate in Simul-tober (description here), so his post can actually be found on Cheesetoastie and Video Games this week. Any way, this week Chip takes on the role of player perspective in horror games. Just how important is it, and how does it affect a scary game? Find out for yourself here!

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.23.42 AM

New York Comic-Con 2013 in Review

Simpleek is back from her recent excursion to NYCC 2013 and has great info and tales from the show to share. Also pictures, plenty of pictures of awesome things seen and possibly for sale at the show. Even if you weren’t curious about NYCC, it’s worthwhile reading. See it here!


How Important is Immersion to Horror Games Really?

Sam of Cheesetoastie and Video Games is also participating in Simul-tober! So her post is actually found on Games I Made My Girlfriend Play this week. Her post focuses on the impact of immersion to our gaming experiences, especially when it comes to horror games. Her musings on the subject are actually quite insightful, and the little bits about her interest in horror in general are entertaining to say the least. Find it here!


Well that’s all for this week! Make sure to check back next week for more fantastic work from our fellow bloggers!

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