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Playing the “No Spoilers” Game


Ever since I started giving into my online persona, both in terms of blogging and using social media, I’ve had to tread a fine line when it comes to games and spoilers. Sometimes, spoilers don’t matter, because there have been cases where they actually help build my interest in games that I might not have wanted to play before. But when it comes to games that I do want to play, it always seems that somehow, some way, even if I make the most brief of online appearances somewhere (like glancing through one of my Twitter lists), I’ll come across a spoiler…or ten. Then again, I have a pretty narrow definition of a “spoiler,” so maybe it’s my own fault for being too touchy. Yet, when I invest in a new game that, as usually happens, I’m not able to get to right away, there’s got to be a middle ground between comfortably being able to peruse the Internet and staying offline for a month.

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