Who Has The Answer to Nintendo’s Problem?

Image by Flickr User: Michael Sheehan

Ever since the Wii U launched early last year, Nintendo has seemed to be in a very bad place. The Wii U didn’t have a very strong start and hasn’t managed to build up much momentum in the year since its launch. And if one takes a look around the internet, they’ll quickly find that there are just as many theories regarding what Nintendo should do about it as there are people to think them up. Some say Nintendo should return to their roots, others say Nintendo should focus all their energy on creating new franchises. Some like the changes they’ve been making while others absolutely hate it. In short, like many fanbases, we don’t have much consistency.

It really is tricky question to answer isn’t it? The games we all thought would get the console to sell: Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Windwaker HD…all of these along with 3rd party ports haven’t had much of an impact on the Wii U’s popularity. All of these had our confidence and yet most aren’t convinced of the console’s worth, developers included. EA has even gone on record and said it wasn’t going to be publishing on the console. It would seem that like the Wii and Gamecube before it, the only hope for the Wii U will be outstanding first party games from Nintendo…but that’s just another opinion.

Even if Nintendo were to listen to that opinion, what forms would those games take? A new Zelda? Would we want it to follow the formula we know and love or would we want it to be radically different? How different could they make it before it stops being a Zelda game? The questions go on and on and I’m sure there’s answers upon answers for each.

It’s always cool when a developer listens to their fans, but if we’re honest with ourselves then we should probably recognize that, as a group, we really don’t know what we want (heck I don’t even know what I myself want Nintendo to do). So should Nintendo look to us fans for the answer to their problem, I don’t think so. Indeed, if the all the recent talk and unceasing arguments are any indication, the only ones Nintendo should be looking to for the answer is Nintendo itself.

What do you think? Can Nintendo figure out how to salvage the Wii U? Can we as fans be consistent enough to give a reliable opinion to consider?


6 thoughts on “Who Has The Answer to Nintendo’s Problem?”

  1. For me, now, the power of Nintendo is in its past. As much as I hate to say it as a life-long Nintendo fan, the only games I’m really interested in playing on the Wii U are those that herald its legacy: Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong. Is it nice that the console is getting Watch Dogs? Sure. But I won’t be getting Wii U version of the game, not when it comes out earlier on better consoles (Sorry, Wii U, but I prefer my standard controllers to the gimmicky gamepad.) Honestly, if Nintendo continues to make available its back catalog through it’s Shop, Virtual Console, and HD remakes, and, as harsh as it sounds, never ventures into new IP territory, I think I’m okay with that.

    In my house, what’s really going to make or break the console is Bayonetta 2. If that turns out to be great, then maybe the Wii U will go from being a Mario-only box to something else. But that’s a big “if.”

    1. I completely agree. What made Nintendo great were the series they made long ago. I am a huge “Zelda” fan. I have been for probably 20 years now. And it’s series like that that I buy Nintendo consoles for. Unless they can make some really good new series, which I don’t see happening, I really am not interested in Nintendo unless I get more games from the old series. If those old series were to get bad or go away, I don’t think I’d buy Nintendo products anymore. Especially when they can’t stop with the weird controllers. I might as well buy a PS4 and get a normal controller and some good games from the series now found on the Sony and Microsoft consoles.

      So I’ll never lose my love for the old Nintendo. Nintendo used to be something special. But, it is possible I might lose my love for the modern Nintendo.

      1. It seems to be the direction that much of NIntendo’s fanbase is going in. We love what the company was, but not what they are now. We love the old franchises but want something new at the same time.

        Another reason why it must be tough to be Nintendo right now.

  2. I agree with Cary. I only want the Wii U for classic Nintendo series I’ve grown up with, like “Zelda” and “Mario” and such. That’s the only reason for me to get the Wii U, for Nintendo games. I’m not buying the Wii U for games that show up on all three consoles, otherwise, I’ll just get a PS4, which will have other series I love that the Wii U doesn’t have, plus a normal controller.

    What I really think Nintendo should do is start making the games that made it popular to begin with again. I am excited they’re making a new “Zelda” game, and I look forward to the next “Super Smash Bros.” at the end of the year, but I’d like more than that. For me, “Zelda” is my biggest reason for loving Nintendo, and we rarely ever get those games anymore. The years between each game is always increasing, and I don’t really know what’s taking so long when I can find very few other actually good projects they’re working on…. (Seriously, what games DOES Nintendo make anymore?)

    I’d also like a normal “Metroid” game again.

    1. Do you mean “Super Metroid” normal or “Metroid Prime” normal? I’d love it if they wen in either direction but especially so if they with more Metroid Prime-ish games. Those were so good!

      You guys might be right about Nintendo; more of what made them popular will definitely help. I just can’t help but think that they also need to get out of this “gimmick” box they’ve put themselves in. We all love Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Donkey Kong, but it’s hard to want to play them with gimmicky controls. What’s even harder is wanting to play new stuff with those controls (which is bad because I’m convinced Nintendo can’t coast on 4 franchises forever. They’ll need to convince people to give new IP a try if they want to last in the long run). That’s just an opinion though. There’s a lot Nintendo could be doing differently, but the question is “what”?

      1. The only “Metroid” games I’ve played besides “Other M” was the “Metroid Prime” trilogy, which I loved, so I would really be excited if they made more like that. Mainly, though, I just want a “Metroid” game that isn’t like “Other M”.

        Oh, yes, the gimmicky controls. That’s another thing Nintendo needs to give up on. No one liked it on the Wii, and then they do it again on the Wii U. And it is true. They do need some good new series, as well. The last thing I can think of was the “Pikmin” series. I really don’t know what else Nintendo has done since then that’s been good. Nothing I’ve played, at least.

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