Today in Gaming History: 11/8/13


November 8, 2012: Angry Birds gets the Star Wars treatment 
Today marks the one-year anniversary of Angry Birds Star Wars, which was first launched on Windows, iOS, and Android.  Angry Birds Star Wars is the second crossover game for the franchise, the first being Angry Birds Rio, which is based on the Fox animated film Rio.

In Angry Birds Star Wars, the birds represent members of the Rebellion (Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, etc.) and the pigs represent members of the Empire (stormtroopers, officers, Darth Vader, etc.). The gameplay incorporates elements of the original Angry Birds and a spinoff, Angry Birds Space, which introduced gravitational effects on the birds, and it offers a story and features that are faithful to the source material. A sequel, Angry Birds Star Wars II, was released in September of this year.

Angry Birds Star Wars was voted a fan favorite – which Angry Birds game is your favorite? Or would you like to see those birds flung off into space for good? Sound off in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Today in Gaming History: 11/8/13”

    1. Good point. While Angry Birds Stars Wars was little more than a “skin,” so to speak, Bad Piggies was most certainly a very fun and creative step forward for the series.

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