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The Wonderful(ly Frustrating) Complexity of Pokemon

(image by Flickr user: mattjerome_88)

Pokémon is perhaps among the most misunderstood series in the industry today. They’re games we don’t take very seriously for a variety of reasons: it’s obviously aimed at little kids; the “monsters” look silly; the plot is formulaic; the only change with each sequel is the amount of monsters available; and above all else, the gameplay is more or less just rock-paper-scissors with monsters. However, if this was the truth then by all rights the now 16-year-old series should have run its course by now. It hasn’t though; Pokémon is just as popular as it’s always been, with no end in sight. So the question is this: What is it about Pokémon that’s kept it going for so long? And the short answer is: it incredibly complex, even surprisingly so! Continue reading The Wonderful(ly Frustrating) Complexity of Pokemon