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Titanfall: A Launch Day Experience

Xbox One Titanfall bundle, released March 11, 2014
Image from Gamestop.com

Our expectations late Tuesday afternoon didn’t differ from many who picked up their new Xbox One Titanfall bundles after work. Though there was a sizable a crowd in the Gamestop that afternoon, we got our system without incident. On the way home we discussed its placement and talked about how much we looked forward to finally seeing what the next gen was all about.

We got home around dinner time, and we barely dropped our work bags before heading to the den with the Xbox One. After getting the thing out of the box, placed on the shelf, and plugged in to all the proper outlets, we fired it up. The console itself was eerily silent as we went through the initial setup. Date and time. Sound. A few more calibrations, and we were on our way to setting up our accounts!