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Overlooked: The 1,000th Lum of Rayman 2

Image by Flickr User: xenocrates90
Image by Flickr User: xenocrates90

One of the most satisfying things in any video game, for me, at least, is when you discover secrets that most of those who have played the game know little about. I have found a decent number of secrets (well, to be honest, by “found”, I mean that I read about them online) in various games, and I decided it would be quite fun to share them with you all. Today’s topic: the elusive 1,000th Yellow Lum in “Rayman 2”.

First off, show of hands. Who’s played “Rayman 2”? Okay, I’m having trouble seeing you through the Internet like this, but my guess is, not tons of people. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I often am, but this series seems to be one that goes rather unnoticed by most people. (This knowledge stems from the fact that, when I asked various friends about the games in the past, all but one of them said they had never even heard of “Rayman”. And the one that had heard of the series flat out stated that she didn’t like it. For a reason even she wouldn’t reveal.) Well, I am proud to be a big “Rayman” fan, and my favorite game of the series is “Rayman 2” (I have the Nintendo 64 version; I have heard each version is a bit different). Nevertheless, even after playing this game countless times over the years, I hadn’t a clue that there was actually an extra Lum in this game. You see, the game starts off with 1,000 Yellow Lums, which goes down to 999 when the dastardly Admiral Razorbeard eats one. Poor thing. And the game never once hints at the existence of a spare Lum, either, so naturally, I knew nothing about it.

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