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Contributor Recap: 10/7 – 10/11


Yet another week gone by; how is it that the time goes so fast? Ah well, the week may be gone, but we here at UWG have a couple pieces of good news to share. First, we’re that much closer to the releases of Pokemon X/Y and XCOM: Enemy Within. We don’t know about all of you out there, but some of us are just beside ourselves with excitement! This is ground-breaking stuff when it comes to Pokemon, and a full-expansion for XCOM? How is that not cause for celebration? The second bit of news is even better because you don’t have to wait for it! That’s right we’ve got another round of excellent posts from CheeseToastie And Video Games, GIMMGP, and Simpleek! Linked here for your viewing pleasure. So please, take a look and make sure to show them your support while you wait for the new Pokemon to drop!
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