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The Smash Ballot

You may or may not have heard of the Smash Ballot, a site that’s letting people vote for which character they would like added to the current Super Smash Bros.  (As DLC, I believe.)  I was pretty excited when I heard about this, as I definitely have some characters in mind that I would love to see added.  And while I’m at it, I wanted to ask, who else has voted and which character did you choose?

As for my pick, well, I’m a little embarrassed, but I ended up voting for King K. Rool, the villain from the old SNES Donkey Kong Country games (and DK64, though that game, as fun as it was, was kind of silly…).  I used to love this character and, well, I suppose I still do, even if it’s a lukewarm love now.  (He hasn’t been in any real DK games for about 15 years.  That’s enough for my affection to grow a little cold.)  Nevertheless, I have good memories of fighting this guy in the first two DKC games (he was just plain goofy in the third, but I firmly believe this to be eclipsed by the fact that he made an awesome pirate in the second game), and frankly, I am shocked he still hasn’t made it into Super Smash Bros.  We have Mario’s rival, Bowser.  We have Link’s nemesis, Ganondorf.  We even have King Dedede from the Kirby series.  But, where is the villain of the DK series, I ask you?  Nowhere.  Unless you count his trophy.  Which, as far as I recall, is missing his tail.  For some reason.

But now, I am greatly pleased to know there might still be a chance for the ol’ crocodile to become a playable character, after all.  Along with whomever else the voters pick (I would also love to see Rayman and Banjo and Kazooie).  And I must admit, this might actually be the first time I’ve ever considered buying DLC for a game.  Seriously, if he, or anyone else good, is added to SSB, I think I might really be willing to pay for them.  But if you don’t want my money, Nintendo, then I guess that’s fine, too….

So, if you have any character you sorely want to see added to SSB, just search for Smash Ballot on this lovely Internet of ours and vote.  The voting ends October 3, so you still have time.  (PS: Vote K. Rool.  Please?)

Duck Ballot, Where You Vote for Your Favorite Duck; You Better Pick Me…

2 thoughts on “The Smash Ballot”

  1. I voted for Geno. I know it’s unrealistic, but I would love to see the character in another game and I think he’d bring a unique and interesting move set to the existing roster. Plus it would be just plain awesome to trigger a smash ball and shoot a smiley-faced sun into the center of the battlefield!

    1. He’s from Super Mario RPG, right? I’ve been meaning to play that game. One of these days…. I’ve heard he’s a popular character, and it’s a shame Nintendo doesn’t add more interesting characters like that to the new SSB games. I was rather bugged that the new SSB on the Wii U brought back Dr. Mario (I never did like him) and added the Wii Fit Trainer (is that even a character…?), but didn’t add anyone I was interested in, other than Rosalina. $60 for one good, new character…I think I was overcharged.

      Perhaps our characters will get picked. You never know. Maybe if not in the current SSB, then in a future one…? Sniff.

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