Spooky Silly Contest: Week 2

Image Captured by Hatmonster

Well we’ve completed our second week of Spooky-Silly Poetry, and with it we have another entry in this little contest of ours! This week’s entry comes from a Mr. Stier, who submitted this untitled haiku:

Lost in the woods.

Page in my hand.

Slenderman is near.

Very much like Slender, just the image this poem evokes is enough to call forth that nervous stomach fluttering that only a good horror game can inspire. (If you’ve played or watched Slender at all then you know what I mean!)
Thank you Mr. Stier for your submission, it was surprisingly chilling!
We’re doing this all month long, so if you’d like to throw your hat in the ring for the title of “Spooky Champion of Silliness” then jut sent your submission to!

3 thoughts on “Spooky Silly Contest: Week 2”

  1. Ah, yes, he always appears after that first page. My first time playing Slender: The 9 Pages, I couldn’t even grab the first page, I was so afraid, as I knew he’d start looking for me once I did. Nice poem. It sums up the game well.

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