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U.M.M. Music Blog #1

Hi everyone, Mr.Super Ultimate back again to bring you some of my best originals, as well as cover song concepts based upon your favorite video games in this weekly blog I like to call “Ultimate’s Music Monday’s!”, which was born from my “Hello Gaming World blog.” So check it out if you haven’t! I hope you all had a rad week, and that you found my last blog “Secrets of the Tube” (my 4 year journey on YouTube, and most of its secrets revealed to me through trial and errors) helpful. Or, at least, entertaining from the comedy aspect I tried to deliver. Whatever the case, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Continue reading U.M.M. Music Blog #1

YouTube Time: Activision Anthology (PS2) – H.E.R.O. (1984) – Nostalgic Notions

Part platformer (sort of), part dungeon crawler (sort of), the game H.E.R.O. (1984) actually tuned out to be kind of fun. Though it’s probably a little hard to tell that from my video below. I guess rescuing people trapped in mines is not my thing. Best to leave that to the professionals.

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YouTube Time: Activision Anthology (PS2) – Grand Prix (1982) – Nostalgic Notions

Merry Christmas, everyone! If you’re checking out our site today, and it would seem that you are if you’re reading this, then you’re a champ! And what better reward for any champion than a video about a classic video game! Okay…maybe I’ve had a bit too much eggnog, but I’m still happy to share with you my experience with Grand Prix (1982), a classic racing game that’s part of the Activision Anthology. I want to say tune in for some big time racing action!!...but…it is an Atari game after all. So there’s some action…namely me trying to not look like a fool with a virtual race  car. Enjoy!

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YouTube Time: Activision Anthology (PS2) – Freeway (1981) – Nostalgic Notions

When is Frogger not Frogger? When it’s the game Freeway! Okay, so it’s totally not Frogger, as nary a frog is to be found here. Instead Freeway is all about helping a virtual chicken cross a multi-lane highway. Yep. chickens and traffic in an Atari game. That’s Freeway in a nutshell. Or should I say…eggshell? /rimshot

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here’s Freeway in all it’s glory, which I recorded for our retro gaming series Nostalgic Notions.

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YouTube Time: Activision Anthology (PS2) – Enduro (1983) – Nostalgic Notions

In life, there are games in which one races to become number one, and there are games in which one must be a decent enough driver to simply get to the finish line. Activisions’ Enduro fall into the latter camp, as in it, your goal is not to gain first place but rather to pass an allotted number of cars in “24 hours,” all the while navigating through 8-bit fog, snow, darkness, and other cars. It seems easy enough, but in practice, as I demonstrated in this Nostalgic Notions video, the feat proved to be anything but.

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YouTube Time: Activision Anthology (PS2) – Dolphin (1983) – Nostalgic Notions

There’s nothing quite like happening upon a game that defies all reason. I’m willing to bet that more than once, during those classic gaming years of the early 1980s, a player started up an unknown game, only to be met with the question: “what the heck…??” Dolphin is one such game. It’s…different. Unique. Unlike any game you’ve probably played before. Curious? Then hit up this odd entry in our Nostalgic Notions series below.

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YouTube Time: Activision Anthology (PS2) – Commando (1988) – Nostalgic Notions

If you need a break from all your Halloween planning, why not check out our third Nostalgic Notions video! In this one, it’s all Commando, all the time. Well, most of the time…mostly. Actually, it’s really just me trying my darndest to get through the first wave of enemies. It’s fun, silly, and it borders on absurd at some points, but sometimes that’s how things go in an old-school run and gun shooter.

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