Resonance: Remember Me

RememberMe NeoParis

Screenshot from Capcom for Remember Me

Remember Me is a perfect example of wasted potential. It’s not bad game nor awesome, just average. I’m normally not bothered by a game being average, but this one is different. It could have been so much more than it was, had it just been given a little more time to grow. This week’s selection comes not from any portion of the main game itself, but from the title screen/start menu. It’s your first impression of the game, of what’s in store. We’ll get into what this song is to the game in a bit but for now, please take a minute to consider this theme.

I consider this to be the most memorable track in the game, though perhaps not for the obvious reasons. While it sounds great and carries all sorts of subtle emotion to it, it’s the promise embodied in this track that makes it worth noting. It doesn’t promise a game filled with good, albeit half-baked ideas. Rather, it promises an idealized version of the game. Perhaps the game the developers wanted to make all along.

It’s a complex combination of tones and sounds. It’s classical instruments mixed with synthesized tones and vocals. It carries tension in it’s up-tempo base, calm serenity in the slow strings and a sense of forlorn disillusionment in the vocal tones. It’s simultaneously nostalgic while undoubtedly modern.  It’s everything the plot, characters, and mechanics weren’t quite able to achieve in the game itself.

Again, Remember Me isn’t a bad game. I actually quite enjoyed it as it was. It’s just hard not to wonder what could have been, especially with this first song in the game painting an image of what might have been.

What sort of image does this song paint for you? What do you hear? To my fellow Remember Me players, what sort of game does it describe to you? Something more like I do? Or maybe something else entirely?

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