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Listmas 2016: Top 6 Locations in Sly Cooper

It was this past year that I finally got around to playing all four games of the Sly Cooper series, a series I fell in love with, in fact, within the first hour.  The whole stealth gameplay was very new to me, and I also greatly enjoyed the characters.  One other area where this game really shines is its locations.  You see, the Sly Cooper universe takes place in a world very similar to Earth, except it is populated by anthropomorphic animals rather than people, a fact I found quite entertaining indeed.  And so, to celebrate a new favorite series of mine, this list is dedicated to my six favorite locations in the Sly Cooper series. Continue reading Listmas 2016: Top 6 Locations in Sly Cooper

The Simple Pleasures of Exploration in Sly 4

When buying a house, they always say location is everything.  Never have I heard this applied to video games, however.  What people typically cite as being important to them in gaming is an engaging story or interesting characters, or simply good gameplay.  While I would agree that all of those are far more important than graphics or where a game might happen to take place, when I played through the fourth installment of the Sly Cooper series, I found that my favorite aspect of the game was something quite unexpected.

After becoming a huge Sly Cooper fan (within the first hour of the first game, as a matter of fact), it was only natural I bought Thieves in Time on the PS3.  Nevertheless, while I certainly can’t say I was reluctant to play the game, part of me was actually a bit doubtful as to how good it would be, considering the game is not made by its original creator, Sucker Punch, but rather a company called Sanzaru.  Games often don’t fare well when they’re abandoned by their original creators. Continue reading The Simple Pleasures of Exploration in Sly 4

Unforgettable: Murray’s Geisha Dance from Sly 4

I haven’t done one of these posts in quite a while.  By now, I’ve played a lot of video games, and let me tell you, sometimes it feels like I’ve seen it all.  As a result, it is rare for something to happen in a game that really catches my attention, that’s so different or unique or downright brilliant that you just know you won’t be able to forget it for years to come.  But it certainly happens, and this time it happened in the fourth Sly Cooper game, Thieves in Time. Continue reading Unforgettable: Murray’s Geisha Dance from Sly 4