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Ruling the Desert in Fallout: New Vegas

Image by Flickr user Midhras (CC)
Image by Flickr user Midhras (CC)

With the arrival of Fallout 4 in late 2015, I figured it was high time I get myself a piece of all that post-apocalyptic action that had been capturing everyone’s attention. And things started out well enough. I created my character, experienced the horror of nuclear annihilation (fun!), and started my new life on the other side, in wasteland called the “The Commonwealth.” Unfortunately, my relationship with the game petered off for no discernible reason. I became interested in other games, and that was that. I made a couple half-witted attempts at getting back into Fallout 4 at various points over the course of 2016, but they hardly resulted in any significant progression.

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Fallout: Overpowered and Loving It!

Image captured by Hatmonster

Fallout 4 is on its way, are you prepared to venture back out into the Wasteland? As of the announcement at E3, I was not. It had been years since I’d played a Fallout game, and had forgotten much about what dealing with life in the wasteland meant. The excitement for Fallout 4 was overwhelming though, so this month’s game had to be a Fallout game; Fallout: New Vegas to be specific. I spent quite a bit of time roaming the Mojave over the last few weeks and in doing so I re-discovered the best part of playing any Fallout game: becoming the most fearsome denizen of the Wasteland!  Continue reading Fallout: Overpowered and Loving It!

Life in the Wastes?

DEATHCLAW!!!Image captured by Flickr user: Sir Mildred Pierce (cc)

Before I knew it, it was over. I was almost to my destination and had just crested the summit of the final hill when it happened. Instantly, I was in the midst of a large mass of blazing wings and angry eyes, and found myself back at the loading screen just as quickly. I had just learned a valuable lesson of the wasteland: certain death could always be waiting just over the next hill.
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