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Resonance: Stickerbrush Symphony

For one reason or another, my roommate and I recently got the urge to play through all of the Donkey Kong Country games, 100%, one after the other. The first DKC was fun, as always, and went down quite quickly; Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest took a bit longer though. It wasn’t just that the game is longer and more difficult than its predecessor, it’s that it also got us to stop several times just to appreciate the music. Even in this age of fully orchestrated soundtracks, DKC2’s small selection of MIDI themes still sounds incredible, and Stickerbrush Symphony might just be among the best of the bunch! Continue reading Resonance: Stickerbrush Symphony

Resonance: Mining Melancholy

I had to check several times to make sure no one had already written about this one, as Mining Melancholy might possibly be one of the most brilliant songs in a game that already has plenty of amazing tracks.  As expected, Mining Melancholy is found in every mine level of Donkey Kong Country 2.  As you play through these often frustrating levels (thanks to the fact that every single one is vertical, which means that one mistake could send you tumbling back to the start of the level, or worse), if you pay attention to the background, you’ll notice the tools left behind by the miners.  Pickaxes, explosives, buckets, what have you.  And let’s not forget those huge sparkling gems we catch glimpses of in the distance.  Those things are massive! Continue reading Resonance: Mining Melancholy

The Lost World of DKC2

I’ve always loved secret levels in games.  Even if I’ve played through them countless times, knowing they aren’t a part of the main game just makes them feel special, and I like that.  When I cover secrets in games, however, I typically write about secrets that aren’t as well known, such as the 1000th Yellow Lum in Rayman 2 or the flying slot machine in Star Fox.  It exists.  I swear.  Today’s secret, well, I must admit, this one’s not really that secret.  In fact, it’s a bit obvious to be a secret, and that’s why I didn’t include this in my usual Overlooked series of posts.  You could only overlook this secret if you were doing so on purpose, and in order to purposely avoid something, you must know it exists, so, well… Continue reading The Lost World of DKC2