GameStop and Target Supposedly Cancelling Pre-Orders

It seems that the Switch is going to be in even shorter supply at launch than we originally thought. According to reports, both Target and GameStop have had to cancel some pre-orders due to overselling their allotted stock.

GameStop had to shutdown pre-order shortly after they became available last month due to a combination of overwhelming demand and relatively few available units for the upcoming system. Pre-orders briefly became available again a week later, but they once again had to clamp down and even cancel some pre-orders due to there just not being enough stock to cover them. The story behind Target’s cancelled pre-orders is more or less the same: insufficient stock to meet the demand. At the moment it’s unclear whether the fault for this lies solely with the retailers or if this was due to some sort of miscommunication or action on Nintendo’s part.

Surprisingly, Nintendo has already delivered a statement regarding the number of available units, stating that it has increased production to meet existing pre-orders. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has supposedly underestimated demand for its physical goods. In fact, the developer/publisher has gained something of a reputation for this over the years thanks to its handling of Amiibo, the Wii U GameCube Adapter, and most recently the NES Classic Edition. However, unlike those past incidents, Nintendo appears to be taking apparent shortage of Switch consoles very seriously. So while they may be in short supply right now, those looking to snag a Switch can, at least for the moment, rest assured that more will likely be available in the weeks following the console’s launch.

Still, if you did manage to secure a pre-order during that initial mad rush, it might be a good idea to check with your retailer before the system launches on March 3rd.

Source: Nintendo Today

Are you going to try picking up a Switch around it’s launch date? Did you already get your pre-order in? What do you think of the supply problems Nintendo’s been having with their physical products over these last few years?

Lede image is official Nintendo Switch promotional art.

10 thoughts on “GameStop and Target Supposedly Cancelling Pre-Orders”

    1. Indeed. This is quite like the Wii situation all over again. While that made it far more difficult to get our hands on Nintendo’s newest console, at least this means the Switch is already successful in improving Nintendo’s chances of survival. I just hope the Switch remains popular throughout its lifespan.

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  1. My guess is that they went for lower numbers based don the experience with the Wii U, at least as a starting point to study how the market reacted to the numbers and preorders. Now that they’ve measured the interest in the product, they’ll kick the production into full gear.

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    1. It makes sense, but the initial lack of product is still a bit puzzling considering how just about all of their physical products have been flying off the shelves the last couple of years. You’d think they’d be at least a touch more optimistic.


    1. It’s rather silly of them, isn’t it? I’m rather surprised Nintendo didn’t anticipate this kind of response. I know the Wii U didn’t do well, but the hype for the Switch was huge. I guess sometimes even Nintendo doesn’t know how popular they are.

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  2. I’m glad they’re at least being proactive about remedying the situation. I somewhat agree with Kevin that they might have lowered their production rates to gauge interest without wasting money, but they have such a track record in recent history of not having enough product for the demand.

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  3. I’ve been holding my breath hoping that my pre-order is secure. I put mine in the first day, at Best Buy, before they shut down pre-orders the first time. So far, the order still remains just fine on their website, but I won’t be at ease until I have the system in my hand. I even took the day off from work for it! 😄

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    1. Good luck on your pre-order. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. This reminds me of a similar situation I had on Amazon once, where I kept trying to buy this popular DVD (it was several years old, but still immensely popular somehow), and it kept selling out before I could pay for my order. I eventually had to settle for a used copy because the affordable new copies got sold out. As frustrating as it was, at least it was all the more satisfying when I finally got it.

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