Listmas 2016: Eight of the Chilliest Songs in Gaming

With Listmas taking place in the chilly grip of wintertime, it’s only natural that some of our lists reflect this icy time of year.  We’ve already covered snowy levels and chilly characters in past years, so it’s high time we discussed eight chilly songs that will surely have you buttoning up your coats and seeking out a hot mug of cocoa.

1: Snowman (EarthBound): A truly soothing wintery song if there ever was one.  This song plays when you first meet Jeff in the snowy land of Winters.  Slow and calm, it could almost lull me off to sleep, if I allowed it….

Video from Youtube User: Video Game Music

2: Mountain Village (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask): While some of these snowy songs are calm or festive, this one certainly isn’t, and for good reason.  This is the music that plays before you’ve defeated the boss at Snowhead, when the Gorons are still in danger of being frozen.  The song is melancholy and makes me feel as if I, too, could fall victim to frostbite.

Video from Youtube User: GilvaSunner

3: In a Snowbound Land (Donkey Kong Country 2): Another song that makes one feel colder just by listening to it, and it’s certainly expected considering the Kongs are currently wandering the chillier parts of enemy territory.  At the same time, this song inspires one to admire the beauty of their icy surroundings, even as they struggle for their lives against the Kremlings and their comrades.  How crocodiles manage to survive these chilly levels in the first place, however, I’ll never know.

Video from Youtube User: BrawlBRSTMs3 X

4: Cold Reception in Shiver City (Paper Mario): Now it’s time for something a bit different.  Only a Paper Mario game can have such a charming, wintery song such as this, and it is played in the penguin village of Shiver City, no less!  It might be cold here, but I don’t think that will stop me from making a snowman.

Video from Youtube User: BrawlBRSTMs3 X

5: Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime): Mixing things up a bit, we have the snowy Phendrana Drifts, a harsh place if there ever was one (mainly because of those awful Sheegoth!).  In true Metroid-style, this music does a great job of making one feel the isolation of being alone on a foreign alien planet, where we don’t just have the wildlife to contend with, but the elements, as well.

Video from Youtube User: BrawlBRSTMs3 X

6: Freezeezy Peak (Banjo-Kazooie): Ah, but what do we really think about when winter time comes, aside from snow and ice?  Christmas time!  In Jacob’s past Listmas post discussing snowy levels, he said that Freezeezy Peak was THE Christmas level, and I couldn’t agree more!  The music is as grand as the time of year it conveys and makes one feel the excitement only Christmas can bring.

Video from Youtube User: GilvaSunner

7: Cool, Cool Mountain (Super Mario 64): This list would simply not be complete without this classic tune.  It’s practically the “Jingle Bells” of video game music.  It’s just like the Mario games to have such a cheery song to remind us about all the fun winter has to offer.  I just want to go sledding when I hear this music.

Video from Youtube User: mkWIIfreak27

8: Snowy Mountain (Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy): I’ve saved this song for last because it’s a particularly special one to me, considering it comes from one of my favorite games.  Snowy Mountain is one of the last locations of the game before Jak and Daxter must face the corrupted Dark Sages Gol and Maia.  The music is beautiful, but solemn, the view breathtaking, but home far, far away.  I can’t tell you how much time I’ve whiled away just staring off into the distance as the snow falls around me.

Video from Youtube User: ElJorro

I’m Just Glad I Have My Duck-Down Coat

10 thoughts on “Listmas 2016: Eight of the Chilliest Songs in Gaming”

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I definitely noticed when making these lists that Rareware’s creations show up quite often, characters, music, etc. They were responsible for a lot of memorable things back during the SNES/N64 era.

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  1. Great picks!! I also quite like the music from Zora’s Domain in Ocarina of Time, but I can’t remember just now if I’m thinking of the music from when the domain is frozen or not… Either way, it has a great “chilly” sound haha


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