Resonance: Sky Waltz

Over on UWG’s Youtube channel, I have been covering Kirby’s Return to Dreamland for the Wii, a game I hadn’t played in probably a good five years.  As with all Kirby games, this one is bright and cheery and all around adorable, and I had such a great time with it, in fact, that this game helped renew my waning love of the Kirby series.  Nevertheless, I have to admit that the first few worlds aren’t particularly memorable, a sentiment I remember also feeling during my first playthrough of the game several years back.  The problem stems from the fact that the earlier worlds represented locations that are seen in pretty much every platformer in existence.  Green, forested world, check.  Desert world, check.  Water world and ice world, check and check.  Fun?  Of course.  But inspired?  Not really.  And then along came world five, Nutty Noon. Continue reading Resonance: Sky Waltz

[REVISITED] Looting the System

This week I was planning on talking about what’s kept me playing Destiny for almost 2 years now, but with Rise of Iron looming over the horizon, I though it would be fun to first look back at how I saw the game back when it was still new in 2014. It’s been a long time since Destiny first launched and a lot’s changed, so lets have ourselves a little reminder of where we started before looking further at how far we’ve come! Continue reading [REVISITED] Looting the System

Saturday Video Round Up: August 21 – 27

With the insanity of Gamescom 2016 now behind us, the trailers and gameplay videos have stabilized a bit. That’s not to say there’s nothing going on though, as we’re diving head long into the busiest time of the year. Fear not, the Round Up is back once again and has compiled only the best trailers and videos from the past week. Here’s what’s new for you this week.

The biggest news this week came from Namco Bandai as the long waited first DLC chapter for Dark Souls III was finally revealed. While not much context was given, longtime fans may recognize the snowy landscape. Could this be the Painted World?

For me, music is a big part of video games, potentially elevating the experience or bringing it down. Gears of War 4 has finally revealed their composer and it’s none other than Ramin Djawadi, who many of you may recognize from his work on Game of Thrones or Person of Interest. Get to know how Djawadi is going to be influencing your Gears experience this October.

I’ve also got new videos for Paper Mario: Color Splash, Call of Duty: Black Ops III DLC, Mafia III and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos await you after the jump…

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YouTube Highlights: August 2016

Hard to believe that another month has nearly reached its end,  but here we are, drawing the summer months to a close with another YouTube Highlights video! Yes, it’s that time of the month were we take a look back and share what we’ve accomplished in terms of gaming videos. So, without further ado, let’s start the gallery!

The Duck of Indeed kicked off August with a number of continuing Let’s Plays, one of which also came to an end: Donkey Kong Country 2. Yes, The Duck completed all the Lost World levels in the game and once again brought peace to the land of DKC.

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Alpacas and Whoopie Pies: Cosplaying as Oerba dia Vanille

Every year, I get the pleasure of attending two comicons, a large one and a small one.  I cosplayed as Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy at this year’s little convention, which I already wrote about some time back.  During the larger comicon, I wore my other costume this year, Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII.  While many people weren’t too fond of the game, and I, too, have some negative feelings towards it, I always liked Vanille for her cheerful personality (which she lost in Lightning Returns, unfortunately), and I thought cosplaying as her could be fun.  Plus, I’d get to wear a pink wig.  I’ve always loved unnatural hair colors.

As usual, my day started early, and I got to work getting my costume on.  It took a while, as there are a lot of pieces, but it was certainly easier than Kefka and Ghirahim, who had body paint and some tighter clothes to squeeze into.  I’ve also become quite a pro at putting on wigs.  That part’s still the worst, though.  No fun at all.  I completed my costume with pink eyeshadow to cover up my eyebrows (it didn’t have too drastic an effect, but it was better than nothing), and done.  I was Vanille.

Hey, I'm Vanille. 'Sup.
Image taken by the Duck of Indeed.  Hey, I’m Vanille. ‘Sup.

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Resonance: Battle of Orochi II

Ever since I made a certain deal with a friend of mine, the only game that’s been on my mind lately has been Okami. It’s a game that I’ve only played through once, despite how much I enjoyed it during my time with it. It’s actually another one of those games that I’ve been meaning to get back to for the longest time, but never have for one reason or another (you know how it is). Actually, it’s been so long that I’ve almost completely forgotten the game. The characters, the story beats, the music, it’s all gone. I did just recently remember one song from the game though. One so awesome that it was able to linger in this foggy memory of mine while all the rest faded completely. This song is: “Battle of Orochi II” and it’s absolutely magnificent! Continue reading Resonance: Battle of Orochi II

Saturday Video Round Up: August 14 – 20 GamesCom 2016 Edition

If you’re a fan of game videos and trailers, well then this has been your week, now hasn’t it?

The annual Gamescom event was in full swing this past week and with it a bunch of new trailers for many of the upcoming games were shown off as well. There’s a ton of great content to get through so kick your feet up, crank the volume, and enjoy. Here’s a small taste of what awaits you below.

Before we get to the insane amount of game trailers, make sure to check out the next Overwatch animated short feature Bastion. It’s been a while since we got one of these and I am incredibly happy a new one has emerged. I’m hoping a couple more are on the way as well. We all know there are plenty more characters that need covering.

I’ve also got videos for most if not all of the major games coming out int he next 8 months or so, including ReCore, Watch_Dogs 2, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, and so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos await you after the jump…

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